The perpetual need for marketing content means new digital product assets need to be ready!

Your business needs technical artists available to match your products brand and quality attributes. Our technical artists are the key to unlocking unlimited marketing content, whether with our own configurators or with many other valuable partners that you choose for marketing and sales distributions. Start out on the right foot with high quality, technically accurate 3D product models with The Big Picture Machine Team!  

  • Production ready team, trained to meet your unique needs

  • Get the product done once - use endlessly

  • Distribute to many applications: 3D tools, space planning, configurators

  • Ability to scale with professional account management and project tools included



Customers play endlessly with your product’s views and variations enjoying a completely new experience

without any constraints.

  • Personalize products to their specifications

  • Descriptions are fully branded

  • 360 digital views of exact representations 

  • PDF creator

  • Digital asset download options

  • Share configurated product on social media

  • CSS customized to your brand guidelines

  • Buy Now integration with your shopping cart

  • Sales leads via Inquire/Quote



Augmented Reality technology allows overlaying digital content over an environment for better visualization and deeper interaction with users.  Showcase any products in their real size, with the most accurate details, and in a variety of colors. 

  • Try before you buy for improved sales process

  • Users view customized products in any space

  • Increased customer satisfaction



Smart Logic delivers Configurators serving multiple needs from Presentations, Sales, 3D Marketing and Product Training. The set configurator responds to user's choices of products, options and materials. 

  • Hot Spot link opens the specific Product Configurator within a set

  • Clickable set frames

  • Sample of usablilty features: zoom/pan; quote (sales lead), download and share various options

  • Specifications include customized model/option detail, materials detail, pricing and disclaimers.

  • Buy -  call to action supported with user's customized product details

  • Set Configurator with choice of room/ view and multiple product configurators

  • Product level models/options 

  • Contextual expanders appear based on chosen products/options

  • Materials easily identified and searchable