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Product Announcement - View In Your Space

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

October, 2021

The Big Picture Machine announces a new core feature: ‘VIEW IN YOUR SPACE’. This augmented reality (AR) feature is another digital experience leading to a purchase decision. It begins with your products center stage in their custom configurator. After the consumer interacts with the various product options and materials, creating the perfect combination for their needs, the product result can immediately be viewed in the consumer’s own physical space.

The product in AR looks real and can be placed anywhere, for example, view a new task chair next to your desk, view an ottoman next to your sofa then move the ottoman in front of a chair, view a desk in your office or a table in your workshop. Resize and rotate the product. Screen capture the product as it looks in your space with your existing colors. Share your customized product with others. The possibilities are endless.

More and more buyers, direct to consumer and distributors, say that product visuals are a key factor influencing their purchase decisions. The dynamic visuals created by The Big Picture Machine configurators are integrated into your website, becoming one of your key branded capabilities within your eCommerce strategy. The new ‘View in your space’, AR feature, is the ultimate reassurance of a buyer’s product customization and purchase decision. How ‘View in your space’ works: The consumer has invested their time making product detail choices in the configurator on your website. They will likely have considered multiple material possibilities and looked at the product closer with the rotate and zoom features. A ‘View in your space’ prompt is displayed in the Configurator when the product is developed to support this feature.

The consumer taps this prompt and the Configurator confirms ‘Loading AR’ on a mobile device or prompts a ‘QR code’ if on a pc desktop/laptop.

The consumer is prompted to point their digital device camera to the space the product should be placed and like magic it appears. Technical requirements: · The product’s digital assets support 3D technologies. · The consumer’s digital device supports iOS v12+ or Android v8+ with ARCore 1.9+ · Note: the lighting in the consumer’s physical space can influence the color and shading of the virtual product The VIEW IN YOUR SPACE feature is either on or off. Off is the default, contact us to coordinate an implementation with you to enhance your digital platform.

The VIEW IN YOUR SPACE feature ultimately requires a mobile device capable of supporting augmented reality. The Big Picture Machine makes this as easy as possible directly from a mobile device or starting from a webpage on a pc, here are some examples:

Example from a mobile device:

Example from a webpage view:

(1) The ‘View in your space’ feature is presented in the configurator.

(2) The user clicks on the prompt from their pc/laptop. The Big Picture Machine recognizes this is not a mobile device and displays a QR code for the user.

(3) Using their mobile device camera, the user focuses on the QR code, when recognized, the device prompts to open the view of the QR code

(4) The mobile device may prompt the user to start and/or move their device around the space to place the virtual image

(5) The augmented reality display allows the user to resize, rotate and move the product around the room


Mobile Device:

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