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Feature Enhancement - Product Portrait

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

July, 2020

The Big Picture Machine (TBPM) offers a feature called ‘PRODUCT PORTRAIT’.

The product Configurators embedded in your website already enable your customers to customize products and also provide valuable assets within your company to help teams such as Marketing, Sales, Distribution Services, Customer Service and more.

TBPM PRODUCT PORTRAIT is an internal feature that generates 360 degree images of requested products via the power of the Configurator. This is a scheduled backend process through a PROLINK API with a secure client authorization and available as a REST API endpoint.


Most importantly because PRODUCT PORTRAIT saves you time! When you need high quality digital photo assets you can either use your embedded Configurators to create them for download or send TBPM a request to do the work for you.

You identify the product codes and TBPM generates the images from all angles in the format and size you specify, and with options such as a product shadow and colored background. This frees you up to do other important things! Whether the product images are needed internally to train the sales and support teams or externally for promotional brochures, marketing campaigns or something else, TBPM has simplified the process and delivers the assets you need.

PRODUCT PORTRAIT is literally like having your product sit for a photographic portrait session. You can then choose the best image for the job at hand.


1. Client makes a PRODUCT PORTRAIT job request which includes: a) client’s job name, b) notify when job is ready for download <false, true> (default false), c) email <address> (if notify=true), d) image output format <JPG, PNG, TIF>, e) image pixel size <value> (between 50px – 4096px), f) drop shadow under image for realism <true, false> (default true), g) background color <#hex color> (PNG use only; default white #FFFFFF, note: PNG and TIF have transparent background), h) product codes <unique code> (max 10 per job request, multi-product in

combined view separated by comma)

2. The PRODUCT PORTRAIT API replies with acknowledgement as: a) successful (accepted), b) failed (reason details: not authorized, invalid request with field detail, internal

server error)

3. If email notification is established, PRODUCT PORTRAIT sends an email confirming

the job has completed a) email includes the unique package link for the job b) the client accesses the images which are stored for 30 days c) images can be downloaded locally for use indefinitely

4. Client can check the status of PRODUCT PORTRAIT job requests at any time. a) the unique package link is displayed when the job completes, b) the status report holds all requested and processed jobs until they’ve been

removed from storage

Contact us to coordinate an implementation with you to enable PRODUCT PORTRAIT.

The Big Picture Machine – Phil Hammer –

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