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Feature Enhancement - Inquire

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

May, 2020 The Big Picture Machine announces a new core feature called ‘INQUIRE’. Your Configurator has engaged the consumer, they are interested in a product and have a question or request of some kind – the Configurator now facilitates the communication while retaining the details of the customer’s choices. How it works: The consumer has spent time making product detail choices in your configurator. Behind the scenes there is an applicable SKU code and IMAGE detail that is useful to understand the context of the consumer’s inquiry. The consumer sees a choice to INQUIRE (this label text is customizable) and is added to the string of action triggers (ZOOM, INQUIRE, DOWNLOAD, SHARE). The placement of these actions is either below the product image or above the product options based on your Configurator build. INQUIRE setup choices: 1) Client intake form: TBPM opens a new window to pass consumer to client

intake form where client collects inquire information. TBPM includes

configurator product details (SKU and IMAGEURL) in the handoff. 2) TBPM intake form: Configurator displays a pop-up to gather consumer

information such as first/last name, organization, email address and an input

box for comment/questions with a 250-character maximum. Mandatory

fields are first name, email address and inquire text.

The consumer closes the pop-up by clicking: · CLOSE indicating the consumer does NOT want to INQUIRE (no data saved, inquire ignored and form fields cleared); the pop-up closes · SEND indicating the consumer DOES want to INQUIRE (data saved, TBPM connects to client’s designated endpoint to provide

gathered information, form fields cleared); the pop-up closes

The Big Picture Machine provides the SKU, IMAGE, USER and COMMENT details to your designated endpoint. The INQUIRE feature is either on or off. Off is the default, contact us to coordinate an implementation with you to enhance your Configurator.

Example #1: User action buttons beneath the image

Click INQUIRE – Pop-up entry form

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