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“We needed a technology solution that seamlessly integrated into existing marketing assets while showcasing complex product configurations in a visually pleasing way.”
- Wilson Troup, Founder and CEO of Sedia Systems

As a leading provider of auditorium and lecture hall fixed seating, Sedia Systems opted to partner with The Big Picture Machine after an exhaustive search for a new set of technology -enable sales and distribution tools.

The Problem:
• Find a technology solution that seamlessly integrates with existing marketing systems.
• Update sales tools to take advantage of the latest technologies.
• Shorten sales cycles through better product selection knowledge
• Create a delightful and immersive experience for customers.
• Reduce time and costs of shipping product samples.

The Solution:
• Importing of existing or new product geometry and product options into our proprietary Machine Core.
• Interactive product configurators to assist manufactures, enabling customers to visualize and customize complex product options.
• User Interface Builder to brand the platform and differentiate the platform based on a Sedia Systems company identity.
• 3D view, product download, share and 360-degree spin available for all product options.
• Augmented Reality App extends the Machine Core’s capabilities into the customers office or living room.

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